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Blue Stamp Travel
Blue Stamp Travel1 day ago
🌟 A reminder that this is the last week to enter our competition! 🌟

Take a creative picture of our colourful language posters displayed in your classroom for a chance to win goodies for your class 🎓! Post your entry on social media and don't forget to tag us!

Winners will be announced on our Twitter on Friday, so don't delay! 🏆

Explore our wide range of informative posters online at : https://www.bluestamptravel.com/classroom-resources/
Blue Stamp Travel
Blue Stamp Travel2 days ago
A fantastic tip when speaking a different language is to use expressions and idioms! They will make your speaking sound more sophisticated and realistic, and they will help you connect with native speakers! 🌍

Here is our French 🇫🇷 idiom of the day!
Blue Stamp Travel
Blue Stamp Travel4 days ago
Today is the Autumn Equinox, or the first day of Autumn! 🍁🎃

Here are our students enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves 🍂 , sunsets 🌅, and chills ❄️ in Germany 🇩🇪!

October is a wonderful and cosy time for a trip abroad, and it's not too late to book to travel with our Work and Study package or one of our intensive language courses this Autumn! (Available all year round).

Check out what we have to offer on our website: https://www.bluestamptravel.com/our-services/
Blue Stamp Travel
Blue Stamp Travel4 days ago
Today is WWF World Rhino Day! 🦏🥳

Did you know that working with animals is one of our Business Categories for our Work Experience Abroad placements? Our students have worked in a wide range of places within the animal industry, such as zoos and pet shops. 🐶🐱🐭

Find out more about this and our other Business Categories on our website today: https://www.bluestamptravel.com/business-categories/
Blue Stamp Travel
Blue Stamp Travel5 days ago
Today is International Day of Peace, or World Peace Day. 🕊️

At Blue Stamp Travel we believe that languages promote solidarity and harmony through communication and connection with different cultures. Learning languages expands minds and removes barriers and boundaries.
Blue Stamp Travel
Blue Stamp Travel6 days ago
We've received another fantastic 5 star review for our Work Experience Abroad trips! This time it's from a parent, whose daughter had a fantastic time in Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪 with us this summer! ☀️💛😇

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