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When we arrange placements for students, we aim to give them the best experience possible. This starts with matching one of our placements to the student’s interests, career aspirations, hobbies and experience. We ask for this information when students enrol.

We ask students to choose 5 business categories and we aim to place as high in the list of preferences as possible. We usually place in the top 3.

It should be noted that the main function of our placements is to work on improving language skills. Sometimes, the best placements for students have been the ones they would least expect. Working in a café, for example, can involve a lot of conversation with customers and colleagues and, whilst it may not be your career ambition to be a coffee barista, it can be a great experience for a week or more. The same can be said for a lot of the customer facing business types; retail, restaurants, tourism etc. Whatever, you choose though, we will do our best to make sure you have a placement where you will enjoy your time abroad and benefit from it.

The examples below are placements that we have used in the past in various destinations across Europe. Please note that not all placements are available in every city, however, our placement team take pride in securing placements that meet our students’ needs whichever city in whichever country you choose.

If you are open to new experiences, are flexible or just have no strong preferences why not choose the BST Top Pick. Our experienced placement team will allocate you to a great placement based on your profile. The more information we have the better we can match you. 

We spoke last week and I wanted to just put in writing my thanks for making our daughter, Mollie’s, work experience trip to Spain such a success.

Mollie had a fantastic time in Zaragoza working in a nursery and loved every minute of her week there. It has given her really valuable experience of speaking Spanish in an everyday work setting, rather than just on holiday, helped her to find lots of new, like-minded friends and given her a real taste of independence.

Your company was highly recommended to us and we were really impressed by your friendly, organised and approachable style. Everything worked to plan without excessive communications. We would definitely recommend your company to others who are looking for work experience abroad and we will be passing on that recommendation to Mollie’s school when she restarts in September.

Nicola Lilly

Mother of Mollie Lilly, Zaragoza 2019

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