Internships Abroad

Students over 18 are able to participate in an internship; work placement only or including host family accommodation.

Why not develop your transferable work place skills, language skills and enjoy an experience abroad?

What is an Internship?

For students over the age of 18 we offer a bespoke service to deliver internships at work placements across France, Germany and Spain. We aim to work with you in order to identify the ideal location and placement and we are able to arrange or advise about accommodation and travel too. Your package can include as much or as little as you like.

Typical students interested in internships include Gap Year students prior to university, University students, adults aiming to improve their language skills and looking for an interesting travel experience.

Included in the cost of an internship:


  • Arrangement of the placement in discussion with students in order to match the placement to students needs and preferences
  • Travel, medical and workplace insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency UK based support
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Internship Agreement
    • Convention de Stage (France)
    • Convenio de Practicas (Spain)
    • Individual documentation (Germany)

Frequently Asked Questions

What placements are available? 

Students select from our list of business categories and we aim to provide a placement to match their highest preference. Given sufficient time to prepare, we are usually able to match to students specific requirements. Where this is not possible we will always discuss this with you prior to arranging your placement. 

How long is an internship placement?

Some of our students travel for a week or two, some travel for much longer. Typically 3 months is the maximum placement length available due to local legislation and travel visas however, it is sometimes possible to arrange multiple placements to facilitate a longer stay.

What type of accommodation is available?

We can arrange host family accommodation to provide a fully immersive experience giving you the opportunity to learn more about local culture and give you further opportunities to develop your language skills.

As an alternative, we can make recommendations with regards to local hostel and residences. Some students use Airbnb and others stay with family or friends.

How will I get there?

We are able to arrange flights/transport and transfers or advise so that you can arrange these independently.

Who can do an internship?

We arrange internships for adults over the age of 18. We recommend that you have studied the language to at least AS level (or equivalent) to make the most of the experience.

We have provided internships for students who have just left sixth form, university students and adults who are hoping to develop their language skills after a gap from learning.

Are the internships paid?

Work placements are not paid. Just like work experience you may have undertaken in the UK, placements are designed to provide you with opportunities to experience the world of work and develop skills that you may not be able to in a school, college or university environment; customer service, working as part of a team, time-keeping, independence, work-place specific skills… In addition, you will have the opportunity to practise your language skills in a unique way.


Since these are bespoke packages travel dates and work dates can be arranged to suit each student. The prices below are indicative prices for placements.

Several students undertaking longer stays abroad have requested multiple shorter placements which can also be arranged.

Total Cost
1 - 3 Weeks
4 - 8 Weeks

Tailor-made Internships

Each internship is tailor-made to suit the requirements of each student. You may know exactly what you want or you may like some suggestions from one of our knowledgeable travel planners. Why not get in touch so we can start a discussion about your internship?

Overall, it was an amazing experience, one that I, and many others, will all remember for a very long time. It has undoubtedly improved my French skills and will hopefully be an aid to my upcoming summer exams. I would definitely do it again and recommend any language student to consider doing it too!

Hannaire Marion Mekaouar

Radio Station, Rouen, France.


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