Language School – A Typical Week

What can I expect?

Each language school is different. We choose to work with some of the best schools across France, Germany and Spain; many award winning and all with recognised accreditations.

Whilst it is not possible to capture a week in just a short snap shot, we have tried here, to give an idea of what you can expect at all our language schools. Of course, it will depend how many hours of lessons you are having and the course you have booked.

If you have any specific queries, of course, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A mix of international and UK students. 


A mix of ages and experience / ability in languages.


Native speaking teachers and school staff – but don’t worry, they will be able to speak English if you need any help and can’t find the words in French, German or Spanish! 


A welcoming environment where other students are also happy to chat and share their experiences of the city and what to see and do.


Excellent quality teaching in small class sizes with carefully selected content to suit your ability.

When I returned to school, I was so much more confident. I had spoken more French in a week than I did in a term of my usual lessons! 

Lydia Morris

Intensive French, Nice 2019

What will my week look like?

Arrival Weekend

Students usually arrive on Sunday to coincide with their accommodation being available but it is possible to arrive on Saturday (for a small supplement).

After travelling, students are either met for their transfer or make their own way to the accommodation – either the host address or the residence.

At host families, the family will welcome you and settle you in, maybe giving you some advice about how to get to the school or asking you about what meals you like. You can check your dietary requirements too although these will have been sent in advance.

Depending on when you arrive, you may get a chance to explore or have a practice travelling to the school. Remember though, on the continent, a lot of places are shut on Sundays. It will be more lively at other times in the week.

Induction at school

The first Monday morning at the school is one of intrepidation, nerves and excitement. There will be other new arrivals but some students may seem more confident around the school as they will have been there for some time already.

You may have an informal oral assessment to confirm to which class you will be assigned. Some schools also do a written assessment on arrival but others will have done this online prior to your trip. 

You will be introduced to the staff and shown the parts of the school you need to know. 

This is usually the time when the staff will show you where you can sign up for various activities and social events throughout the week. A lot of these are cheap or free. Some bigger excurstions cost so be prepared. These trips are an excellent way of socialising with others and provide an opportunity to practise more language skills. 

Lessons and/or Work Placement

Mornings are spent in lessons during the week from Tuesday to Friday. 

Depending on how many lessons you have booked, there may be early starts or you may have lessons in the afternoons too. 

For students taking part in a Work and Study package, the work placement would be in the afternoon / evening depending on the work placement. 

Social Activities and Excursions

During the week there will be a range of activities arranged by the language school. You can choose to be involved in as much or as little as you like and book directly with the school. 


There will usually be a short task to prepare for the following day’s lessons. This also gives you the opportunity to practise what you have learned already and prepare questions if necessary. 


Usually on the  Saturday after your course finishes, you will make your way home, either departing the residence or host family by public transport or being provided a transfer from the accommodation. 

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