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We include travel insurance with our Mixed School Group Work Experience and Tailor Made Packages for Schools (unless deducted at the request of the school) to ensure that we are confident you have sufficient cover. It is also included as standard for Work and Study packages and Internships. This is particularly important for trips as this policy covers voluntary work placements (many ‘off the shelf’ travel policies would exempt work of any kind). If you would like to use your own travel policy when travelling and would like to remove this cover from your policy, please inform us at the time of booking. No reduction in the price of your trip will be made for removing cover where it is included as standard.

Where individual trips are booked to language school or for host family stays (with no work element) you have the option to request insurance to be added to your trip. Blue Stamp Travel can provide this for you with our insurance provider Endsleigh but you should satisfy yourself that the policy provides sufficient cover to suit your needs. We are not financial advisers and do not offer advice on insurance policies other than the policy we provide.

A policy is taken for each traveller at the time of the first deposit to ensure that cover is in place to protect your deposit. Any claims should be made within 28 days of return from your travel.

Although it is not essential, it may help your claim to inform us if you intend to make a claim on your policy as the insurer may require extra documentation from us. In such instances we will endeavour to support your claim to the best of our ability or offer advice accordingly.

If you would like specific information about our Insurance cover please do not hesitate to Contact Endsleigh.




Cover is provided by Endsleigh. As a trusted partner, information is provided to Endsleigh in order to provide cover.  Endsleigh’s Privacy Policy is available here.

Below you will find useful policy documents:

Statement of Insurance

 Policy Wording

Insurance Product Information Document 

This youth group travel insurance policy is designed to cater for the insurance needs of travellers whilst travelling on a trip arranged by Blue Stamp Travel. The product provides cover including emergency medical assistance and medical costs, protection in the event of cancellation or curtailment, cover for loss, theft of or damage to baggage and group money.

Key features and benefits:

  • A 24 hour helpline for medical emergencies
  • Emergency medical expenses in the event of illness or injury
  • Protection against cancellation or curtailment charges
  • Cover for loss or damage to baggage and personal money
  • A wide range of sports and activities covered including winter sports

Key eligibility criteria and exclusions:

  • Not available to anyone aged 86 or over
  • Travellers must be registered under the healthcare system of their home country
  • No cover under cancellation or curtailment charges, emergency medical expenses or personal accident relating to any reason set out under ‘Important conditions relating to health’ – see group policy wording
  • No cover where the FCDO or World Health Organisation has advised against travel
  • No cover where travel is not departing from and returning to your home country

Each claim will be subject to a £50 excess wherever an excess applies.

Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This can be checked on the Financial Services Register website. Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. Company No. 856706 registered in England at Shurdington Road, Cheltenham Spa, Gloucestershire GL51 4UE.

The table below displays a summary of the maximum amounts which are payable under each section. Please note the group policy is subject to terms, conditions, limits and exclusions – please refer to the group policy wording and the statement of insurance for full details of the cover available.

Cancellation or curtailment charges
Emergency medical & other expenses
Emergency dental treatment
Replacement Group Leader
Personal accident (subject to age)
Single article, pair or set limit
Valuables limit in total
Group equipment
Group money, passport & documents
Currency, notes and coins
Other group money and documents
Passport or visa
Personal liability





Extended Cover for Covid 19

Endsleigh provide extended cover with regards to travelling against FCDO advice in relation to the existence of an epidemic or pandemic. Please see the Extended Cover Document. This is only available to Students over the age of 18. 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Guidance

If you are aware of any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect your cover, we advise you to use the pre-existing medical conditions guidance document.

UK Government Advice on Travel Insurance

We recommend that you satisfy yourself that the insurance provided with your travel meets your requirements and encourage students to use the UK Government advice on foreign travel insurance.

Public Liability Insurance


£10m of  Public Liability Insurance cover is provided by Camberford Law PLC.